Aurora community holds prayer vigil in Nome Park

Aurora town leaders and community members gathered in Nome Park, where six teenagers were gunned down. They joined in prayer and a call to action to keep students safe.

AURORA, Colorado – Nearly two weeks after two separate school shootings in Aurora, city officials and community members gathered for a prayer vigil in Nome Park. This is the same park where six teenagers from Aurora Central High School were shot dead.

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Saturday was the second time that an attempt was made to restore peace. The first was a peace march, which was to take place a few minutes before the shooting in the parking lot of Hinkley High School.

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This community demands strength and understanding as they face what they call an “epidemic”.

“Today I just want to pray for the family life of these students. I want to pray that their homes are a place where they can find refuge, safety and rest,” said one pastor.

This community has come together in the hope of understanding the power of prayer and how it can resonate in a community rocked by gun violence after nine students were gunned down in a week.

“It’s really important to remember that these were not school incidents. These were violent things that were happening in our community that really crept into our schools. And we want to make sure that we cater for all the needs and issues related to what’s going on with our children, ”said Aurora Public Schools Principal Rico Munn.

Getting to the root of the problem is why Munn and others were at this prayer vigil. Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson was also in the foreground.

“I think it’s amazing that they heard a call to action not only from me but from other leaders in the city, and for the people who are going through this reality of gun violence. And they came out today. hui, and they came out in force, and to pray and say they want to be part of the solution, ”Wilson said.

She hopes those who have come to solve the problem will stick around to be part of the solution.

“And I think the solution is to give a voice to our young people, to listen to them and to be there as mentors for them,” Wilson said.

Time and time again, Chief Wilson has asked the public for help. And she’s glad they got it.

“The community says they hear us and realize that we can’t do it alone and the police department needs the community’s help. People can come out and talk, but we need to. them to walk. hopefully. And we’re really grateful that this has happened here today, ”Wilson said.

Aurora Police and Aurora Public Schools are implementing new tactics that include increased mental support for students, strengthened partnerships with Aurora Police, and an off-campus lunch for students from Monday through ‘to the Christmas holidays.

“We love our children. That is why we are in this work to protect our children, to see them have a prosperous future. And to see them stolen, whether through violence or other things, is incredibly painful.” , said Munn.

RELATED: Two 15-Year-Old Boys Arrested In Connection With Nome Park Shooting That Injured 6


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