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1,000 Years of Peace 1,000 Years of Peace 1,000 Years of Peace  

I will keep a candle in the window and pray the rosary for peace.

I will walk with peace in my heart.

I will stop gossiping with my friends

I will reach out to someone I disagree with.

In my work with immigrants I will listen carefully to their concerns, customs, and dreams.

I will greet every situation with an open heart.

I pledge to forgive and pray for those who have hurt me.

On Wednesdays and Fridays during Lent I will fast for world peace.

I will choose something to love in those against whom I have a grievance.

I will befriend an enemy.

I will keep love in my heart and kindness in my soul.

Our family is posting a dove each day of Lent to keep peace in our hearts.

I pledge to learn what it really means to forgive.

Each day I will pray and try to live the Peace Prayer of St. Francis.

I pledge to bring comforting messages of peace to the mentally ill.

I will learn how to express my anger in healthy, not hurtful, ways.

I will pray for my enemies, just as Jesus did.

I will try to better understand people and nations with different cultures.

I will put judgmental thoughts behind me.

I will presume good will in everyone.

I will attempt to see God in the faces of those I do not understand.

I will not fight with my brother.

I will listen compassionately and love unconditionally.

When I feel hurt I will pray and meditate to avoid becoming angry.

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Peace Is the Answer

Iraq remains embroiled in violence and turmoil. Terrorism continues to surface around the world, with new “hot spots” emerging in the daily news.

Violence is in the air, but so is peace.

In his January 2007 World Day of Peace message, Pope Benedict XVI noted that “peace is both gift and task.”

He called special attention to “the widespread climate of uncertainty” caused by nuclear weapons in the hands of a growing number of nations. “The way to ensure a future of peace for everyone is found not only in international accords for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” he said, “but also in the determined commitment to seek their reduction and definitive dismantling. The fate of the whole human family is at stake!”

The Holy Father’s message closed with an urgent appeal directed to the People of God for “tireless peace-making and strenuous defense of the dignity of the human person.”

People of good will around the globe are answering the call to be peacemakers by turning to prayerful, peaceful, positive responses.

This Web site was created in 2000 to gain “time pledges” of everyday peacemaking activities adding up to 1,000 years of peace—about 8.5 million hours. Our belief is that peace is built hour-by-hour, day-by-day.

Your pledges of peacemaking activities—prayer, acts of charity, forgiveness, personal transformation, outreach—will help heal our nation and our world.


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