Fireworks on sale; Heights Police Strengthen Law Enforcement | Local news

The Harker Heights Police Department will be stepping up its actions this New Years Eve. There will be ongoing observations for dangerous driving or impaired drivers, as well as any breach of public order or threats to safety and public life. order from our community, including the illegal use of fireworks, police said on Wednesday. Additional officers will be present for the enforcement of traffic violations and the illegal use of fireworks.

Although fireworks have been identified as a traditional part of the New Year’s celebration, the HHPD wishes to remind citizens that possessing or discharging fireworks within city limits is illegal in all cities. towns in Bell County. If it turns out that a person owns and / or shoots fireworks in the city, a citation may be issued and that person could be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by such fireworks. When fireworks are mishandled, burns, injuries and fire can result. Loud and unexpected noises, such as fireworks, can affect people with PTSD, as well as neighboring pets.

Katherine Norris is Assemblies of God youth pastor at Bethel Church in Temple, who volunteers with the youth group to run the Fireworks Warehouse in Nolanville.

Norris said they’ve gotten a lot of stock this year compared to past years and more variety. There are also gold themed fireworks, sparklers, candles, and more that people can use to celebrate the New Year.

“We try to remind people to use common sense when using fireworks. Do not hold them, point them at people or objects, place an adult there, etc. Norris said. “We recommend that people contact their police services to find out where it is safe to go to shoot fireworks.”

The Herald recommends that residents take safety measures when celebrating the New Year, such as social distancing and avoiding drinking and driving.

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