Government urged to revise social studies curriculum to include peace education

The Acting Provost of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, Dr. Ahmed Ayinla has called for a review of the social studies curriculum in secondary schools in Nigeria to include the teaching of peace education.

At the college’s second inaugural lecture on Wednesday, Dr. Ayinla, a senior lecturer in the college’s Department of Social Studies, said peace education is an unexplored area of ​​research and a tool for solving a myriad of problems. that plague Nigeria. as a nation.

The lecture, titled “Social Studies is Peace, Peace is Social Studies: A Covenant that Reproduces Human Existence”, the speaker said, “The current content of the social studies curriculum in our secondary schools should be reviewed so that concepts that are relevant to peace education will be identified and reflected.


“Policy makers should not only plan social studies and peace education in schools, but provide adequate supervision for implementation.”

He tasked scholars in disciplines related to social studies to conduct more research on peace education with a view to contributing through their quotas to solving the many challenges that are stunting growth and development in Nigeria.

“More social experts should see peace education as an opportunity to contribute to local and national development given the intensified rates of ethno-religious, ethno-community, socio-political, socio-cultural conflict, crisis and of terrorism, primarily occasioned by incompatible goals and values ​​that plague contemporary society,” he said.

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