NGO trains 5,000 people in peace education in Adamawa

A non-governmental organization, Global Peace Development, which implements a European Union-funded peacebuilding initiative in conjunction with the British Council Managing Conflict in Nigeria, said it aims to train 5,000 people to peace education in 10 violence-prone communities. Guyuk and Lamurde Local Government Areas in Adamawa State.

The main objective of the initiative is to promote peaceful coexistence in communities ravaged by conflict.

Guyuk and Lamurde, two townships selected for the pilot program in Adamawa State due to their history of violent conflict due to farmer-herder clashes, youth unrest and inter-community conflict, were responsible for the training more than 2,000 women and youth in peace education according to GPD Executive Director Ebruke Esike on Monday.

Esike, who also identified reconciliation, tolerance, forgiveness and honesty as important ingredients for peaceful coexistence, added that experts in peace and security studies from academia provide training for women and youth during community sensitization on inter-ethnic conflict mitigation and peace building.

He said: “This commitment is implemented by the GPD Foundation in collaboration with various women’s and youth groups, with the financial support of the European Union. This is a five-month activity aimed at fostering peaceful coexistence among communities fractured by conflict in the state.

“Through this intervention, we are targeting the training of 5,000 participants, mainly from vulnerable groups including women and youth. Violence is a business that has never benefited anyone because we are ultimately losers. It tears at our social fabric, in addition to lives being mutilated, society loses. People’s attention is turning to survival rather than development because all the effort and energy that should have been channeled into growth and development is being redirected to sustaining and sustaining peace in these communities.

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