Peace education will solve security problems – United Nations Center

The United Nations, Positive Livelihood Award Center, has declared that raising awareness and teaching peace will bring about positive, healthy and lasting peace and development in the world.

UN-POLAC made this known in a statement to celebrate the International Day of Peace of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, titled “Discover Better: I Contribute, You Contribute, We Contribute”.

He called on Nigerians to become advocates of peace and educate young and old about peace and engage in peace advocacy wherever they are, saying it was the panacea for solve the country’s security problems.

The Director of Projects and Women’s Affairs of the UN POLAC Foundation, Dr. Cynthia Obiora, explained that advocacy for peace will promote equality and close the gender gap.

She said, “The world needs peacekeepers to bring about positive, healthy and lasting peace and development. The goal is for women and girls to have full access to their rights, from equal pay and land rights to sexual rights, protection from violence, access to education and maternal health rights. Peace advocates who will promote true equality exist to close the gender gap, as well as to advocate for strong justice institutions that support women and help them leave harmful and abusive relationships.

International Director/National Chairperson of UN-POLAC, Prof. Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies, said peacekeepers in Nigeria were resilient and keen to address issues related to insurgency, insecurity and peace through advocacy that would improve the lot of citizens.

She described a peace advocate as someone who is ready and willing to promote peace and harmony in various local communities and around the world.

Director General of the Office of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Mr. Peter Ohagwa, said, “I therefore call on our political leaders, our legislators, our state governors and our federal government to pay more attention and to establish such structures by utilizing the peace advocates/military for an effective peacebuilding network to every nook and corner of our nation.

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