Red Deer County Council briefs: off-road vehicles, law enforcement authority, potential aged care facility

Current regulations prohibit the use of ORVs on county-controlled highways, known as county road rights-of-way, for the general public, with exemptions for county employees in the line of duty. and peace officers for enforcement purposes.

The proposed bylaw would permit the use of ORVs on county road rights-of-way, with restricted uses outlined in particular areas and guidelines for who can operate an ORV in those restricted areas.

County officials say that in the past two years the patrol has not dealt with any OHV by-law violations, as enforcement focuses primarily on Highway Safety Act violations.

“The administration recommends this proposed off-road vehicle by-law because it will allow county ratepayers to operate off-road vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner, while allowing law enforcement officers to enforce unsafe actions under of the Highway Safety Act,” the county said. on the board’s agenda.

The article will be brought back to council at its November 29 meeting for second and third readings.


The Council unanimously authorized the expansion of the existing powers of Community Peace Officers (CPOs) in Red Deer County to include enforcement of the Trespass to Premises Act (TPA).

The County Patrol Service said it periodically receives complaints about begging at private businesses, homeless people loitering in private parking lots, particularly Gasoline Alley, and people loitering on county-owned roads, like ditches.

CPOs currently have the power to enforce the Petty Trespass Act which applies to Public Lands Act “land” that does not include buildings, structures or parking lots.

The TPA applies to “premises” which includes buildings, structures and parking lots. The enforcement of both Acts is complaint-driven.

Within the framework of the application of the TPA, the patrol could only respond to complaints lodged by the private owners themselves. If other members of the public call, the county says the patrol will work with affected property owners to determine an appropriate response.

Although RCMP officers have the authority to enforce both laws, the county administration recommended expanding the authority of CPAs to “relieve some of the pressure on the RCMP’s workload and its ability to react.


Council unanimously granted first reading of an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to redesignate two parcels of land located in Direct Control District No. 9A – Liberty Landing as single family dwelling with attached garage at medium density residence.

Additionally, in the mid-density residential area, council passed at first reading the addition of a social care facility as a discretionary use to facilitate the eventual development of an aged care facility.

The plots are located on the west side of Highway 2 in the hamlet of Gasoline Alley.

A public hearing is scheduled for January 10, 2023.

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