Ruidoso community remains vigilant under flood watch

LINCOLN COUNTY, NM – Lincoln County is under a flood watch through Wednesday, and that includes the McBride Fire burn scar.

Ruidoso teams are trying to help people prepare for possible flooding. They fill and distribute sandbags to everyone who lives near the McBride Fire burn scar, as their properties are most at risk.

Lincoln County crews are already working to add more drainage and culverts to mitigate this risk, hoping to reassure some people.

“I don’t really care, I’m really enjoying the rain here because we’ve been in the drought situation for so long, and I’ve noticed we’re cleaning up after the fire, the earth is coming back a bit and all ashes being washed away. Hopefully this continues in this gentle manner over the next few days,” Bob Kirk said.

But it remains to be seen whether the recent rains in Ruidoso will continue to be beneficial – or disastrous.

Village officials say they haven’t had much trouble with the light showers, particularly around the burn scar – but they are genuinely worried about what could happen in the morning if they see torrential downpours.

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