The Law Enforcement Branch’s case against Nawab Malik couldn’t be more fragile

The “fight back”, the word used by Raut, against bullying by central agencies appears to have started with Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao calling on his Maharashtra counterpart, Uddhav Thackeray. In an unqualified message later, Rao said that if the BJP did not stop its policy of misusing central agencies to target rivals, there would be “consequences to pay”.

The show of unity and solidarity from the MVA partners, the high profile visit of KCR and Mamata Banerjee who quickly rallied around the MVA after Malik’s arrest indicated that the unit that the opposition could not achieve on its own is now forced by the need to confront the BJP. bullying together.

Banerjee and Rao would have initially favored opposition unity without Congress. But when Rao arrived in Mumbai, he seemed to have a change of heart. “We will all come together, one step at a time, state by state, region by region, party by party to confront the BJP together.”

The fightback became visible this week, but it may have already been sparked when NCP chairman Sharad Pawar, whose close acolyte Anil Deshmukh was thrown behind bars for corruption, vowed the BJP would pay for every hour Deshmukh goes to jail.

Not obvious to the untrained eye, the MVA government first targeted the weakest link in the BJP – and that was Narayan Rane. Rane’s son Nitesh, who is a BJP MP, was tied up asking for early bail (which was rejected by the Bombay High Court, he had to surrender to the police and later got bail from a lower court) in an ‘attempted murder’ case. The case was related to the election to the board of directors of the Ranes-controlled Sindhudurg district bank, which the Sena are now trying to snatch.

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